“Just writing to let you know that the guitar was received around noon Wednesday and I let it acclimate to the temperature of my house for about 8 hours before opening the excellently packaged box. 

I am absolutely in love with this guitar (+case!) and have every intention of having this glued to me for this lifetime. Just blown away by the clarity in the upper register and balanced physicality/ergonomics of this one. Could not be happier and I am so very appreciative of the opportunity to own and play this on a daily basis moving forward.”

Eric S.

“I am now the very proud and pleased owner of the beautiful and extraordinarily resonant OM-MPL you recently placed in the Acoustic Guitar Auction.  This is really a beautiful and very playable work of art.  Thank you so much for your excellent work, and for making it available through the auction.

I tell people this is the kind of guitar on which you can strike a chord, hang it on the wall, and it will still be vibrating a minute later :). My other best guitar is a 1969 Martin D-18 in very good condition yet fairly well played in, and to my ear, the tone and resonance of your OM compares very favorably.”

Richard P.

“I’m not sure whether I’d say that my Jewitt 000 is a stunningly-beautiful guitar
that happens to sound great, or a wonderfully clear-voiced instrument that
is also a treat for the eyes.  No matter how you say it, my fingers and ears are blessed.”

David F. 


I just wanted you to know that the guitar arrived safely and it is a fantastic instrument in every way – beautiful in appearance, exceptional tone and projection, and incredibly easy to play!  I could not be happier.  You build as good a guitar as I have ever played – and I have owned and played many.  Thanks again for helping me to select such a winner.  I wish you all the best as you expand your dealers and continue your work as such a gifted luthier.

Jim V.

I just purchased a Jewitt OM C model Cocobolo/Red Cedar guitar from Alan Drake at Cedar Rock Guitars. I love it.  Went there to buy a guitar he had for sale from a very well established builder but after trying out a half dozen Concerts yours was the best. I play a lot of DADGAD with open strings and I  fell in love with the sustain and ring of your guitar.  

Gregory S. 



Jewitt Guitars