Jewitt Guitar Ambassadors


Lindsay Straw

Now a familiar face in the boutique guitar world, Lindsay Straw is a guitarist, singer, and Irish bouzouki player whose work can be seen and heard in videos and podcasts from Carter Vintage Guitars, The North American Guitar, and The Music Emporium. Prior to becoming a resource for guitar players and collectors through her informative videos and interviews with luthiers, she released several traditional folk albums—two solo, and one with her Irish band The Ivy Leaf—and gigged full-time playing for concerts, festivals, and events throughout New England, the UK, and beyond.

Lindsay plays a Jewitt 00-13c, (13 fret) an instrument designed for artists that like the comfort of a 00 but with a punchier sound like an OM. Lindsay’s model has a Redwood Top with Curly Black Walnut back & sides. Unlike almost all 00’s, it has a long scale for alternate tunings, and it puts the bridge position lower for richer harmonics and bass response. Make sure you visit her YouTube channel!

Matt Thomas


A master of the acoustic guitar, Matt Thomas brings technical wizardry as well as a vibrant and poetic music making experience. This has made him one of the most distinctive finger-style guitarists performing in the acoustic guitar arena today. He takes his audience on a vivid scientific themed journey throughout his shows, peppered with exciting stories and odd finding that inspire his music. A true character of all sorts!

An acoustic guitarist of astounding strength, ability, control and sensitivity are almost as striking as his technical expertise. Intricate finger style technique, with an uncanny gift for melodic invention, Matt Thomas delivers a flawless performance every time.   

At the age of 38, Matt Thomas has gained some large credit in the world of finger style guitar. In 2019, he won 1st place at the International Fingerstyle Collective Competition. In 2017, he won 3rd place at the Walnut Valley International Fingerstyle Competition in Winfield Kansas. He won 1st place in both contemporary thumbpicking and open style at the Home of the Legends International Thumbpicking Competition. The following year, he returned to be inducted into the Thumbpickers Hall-of-Fame and was asked to compete again which resulted in another 1st place win in contemporary fingerstyle, and 2nd in traditional thumbpicking. Along with being a decorated fingerstylist, Thomas is very well known for his Harp Guitar compositions and being a long time member/performer of the Harp Guitar Gathering. 

Some influences are Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Buster B. Jones, Stephen Bennett, Petteri Sariola, Alexandr Misko, Pat Kirtley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Django Reinhardt, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Andy Mckee, Adam Rafferty, and Tommy Emmanuel.   

In the decade that Thomas has been playing fingerstyle professionally, he has performed with such greats as Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson, Alexandr Misko, Michael Kelsey, Joscho Stephan of Germany, Gareth Pearson of Wales, Beppe Gambetta, Peppino D’Agostino, Wayne Henderson, Richard Smith, Daniel Champagne, Christie Lenee, Travis Bowman and even guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel.  

Along with sharing the stage with some of the worlds best musicians, Thomas performed at some of most prestigious acoustic festivals in the nation including Merlefest, the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS) Convention, The Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield KS Main Stage) The Annual Harp Guitar Gathering,  Since then, he has performed at countless music festivals across the east and west coast.

Matt Thomas plays and is the co-designer of the Jewitt OM-CMT Matt Thomas Signature Model. This OM-CMT has may unique features, including triple laminated sides, sound-port, arm-bevel and a “Thomas” wedge on the back. This unique wedge is different from all other wedges in that it tilts the guitar out at the bottom lower treble side bout and brings it in at the upper bass side bout. This diagonal wedge brings the guitar to the player and bumps it out a bit so seeing the strings and navigating the neck is easier, whether seated or standing. German Spruce is a very active top and is voiced for dynamic range all across all the spectrums, particularly in the mid-range. Great fat trebles that blossom and this guitar responds well to both a light touch but with plenty of headroom if you want to drive it.

Travis Bowman


Travis Bowman is an acoustic guitarist/harp guitarist and 2018 International Fingerstyle Champion from Little Rock, AR. First heavily influenced by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, Travis turned to fingerstyle after a high school teacher suggested he learn “Little Martha” by Duane Allman. Travis has won notoriety in national and international guitar competitions such as the Ernie Ball Acoustic Prodigy Competition in 2014, and the Arkansas State Fingerpicking Competition in 2017 and 1st place in the International Fingerpicking Competition at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Travis has shared the stage with Andy McKee, Don Ross, Muriel Anderson, Kaki King, Trace Bundy, and Antoine Dufour. In 2021, Travis was featured as a solo act at the Dubai World Expo, performing for 192 countries around the world.

Travis plays a custom Jewitt OM-C in Wenge and Sinker Redwood. Travis needed a custom neck to accommodate his playing style and we also included a sound-port, arm bevel and mini-wedge for comfort.


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