Jewitt Signature Models


Jewitt 00. This 00 is designed to have the comfort of a 00 body, but with the punch of a larger OM. 14-1/2″ across the lower bout and a full 4-3/8″ at the tail and 3-3/8″ at the neck increases the volume of the body for a larger size. But it retains the comfort of a 00 with a cinched in waist and a rounded bottom. The 24.9″ scale length makes it easy to play.

Full Specifications

  • Body Length (not including neck):  18-3/4ʺ
  • Total Length (Including Neck): 39-1/2″
  • Upper Bout: 10-7/8ʺ
  • Lower Bout: 14-1/4ʺ
  • Depth at Neck: 3-3/8ʺ
  • Depth at Tail: 4-3/8


Jewitt OM. Jewitt OM’s are my best selling guitar and we took a standard Martin OM body and tweaked it just a bit to increase player comfort and sound. My OM’s are the perfect recording and stage guitar as they have a very balanced sound with great bass and fat trebles. 25.5″ scale length.

Full Specifications

  • Upper Bout – 11-14”
  • Lower Bout – 15”
  • Depth at Neck – 3-5/8”
  • Depth at Tail – 4-3/8”
  • Body Length (without neck) – 19-1/2”


Jewitt JJ. The JJ is based on the Small Jumbo body and is my largest signature model with a 15-1/2″ lower bout. This guitar will produce a fuller sound but retains balance with the bass not too boomy. A great finger-style guitar for percussive effects.

Full Specifications

  • Upper Bout – 11-1/2″
  • Lower Bout – 15-1/2″
  • Depth at Neck – 3-3/4″
  • Depth at Tail – 4-1/2″
  • Body Length – 19-5/8″


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