Body styles range from the larger Jumbo and Small Jumbo down to the smallest which is the model O. All guitars are built one at a time and individually voiced to optimize the tonal quality for each type of wood used. Having played for over 45 years, Jeff has a keen sense of what a guitar should sound like. The goal with all builds is to build a guitar that not only sounds great but looks great too. Jeff’s specialty is the finishing and because of his experience as a finish formulator and as an artist, he knows how to produce spectacular finishes, particularly sunburst and other colored finishes.

All guitars use animal protein glue for the top bracing and bridge and bolt on mortise and tenon necks. Woods that are used in construction are acclimated in our shop for 6 months to 1 year before use. We keep a large inventory of tone wood on hand for custom ordering options.

You can customize any body style in terms of woods, nut width, neck type (slim taper or fingerstyle), bridge spin spacing and just about and type of finish you want. We offer nitrocellulose or catalyzed urethane in gloss or satin. Hand rubbed satin is just about the nicest feeling guitar you’ll ever play. See Finish Options.

“I’m not sure whether I’d say that my Jewitt 000 is a stunningly-beautiful guitar
that happens to sound great, or a wonderfully clear-voiced instrument that
is also a treat for the eyes.  No matter how you say it, my fingers and ears are blessed.”

——–David Fletcher, Ohio ———–

Here is Giacomo Fiore playing “Genteel” on a Jewitt OM